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Arnulf Rainer for digital performers, concert version

“Arnulf Rainer for digital performers” is an installation that reenact the Peter Kubelka’s film: Arnulf Rainer. This experimental film is ...

Unpainted Undrawn (series)

“Unpainted Undrawn” is a series of works that consist of cracked screens, mounted in classical and modern picture frames. These ...


Trāṭaka is an interactive installation based on a brain-computer interface. Trāṭaka is a Sanskrit term which means “to look” or ...

[e-Book] Intellectual Property – A Reference Handbook

2011 “[e-Book] Intellectual Property – A Reference Handbook” is a print of a pirate copy of the book of the ...

HGP card (Human Genome Programming)

2011 photographic triptych 45×30 cm The complete mapping of the human genome, is the transliteration of  biological information in to ...
CD player

CD player

2010 CD players don’t play and they aren’t played, they don’t contain referential information, their form and meaning are only ...

nOne and Three Chairs

2008 nOne and Three Chairs is an installation that intends to propose the conceptual plane of artistic practice as a ...


2007 Questo lavoro intende porsi in modo ironico nel digitale sfruttando i paradigmi dell’arte classica. A differenza delle precedenti produzioni, ...

Hidden Nude

2007 Hidden nude is a print of the hexadecimal code that constitutes the information of a digital photo  portraying the ...


Other works

Emerging Aura

Emerging Aura is a video installation that reflects on differences in the visual representation depicted by diverse digital devices. Emerging ...
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Same function, same utility

Same function, same utility 88x46x42 cm 2012 “Same Function, Same Utility” is an installation that consists of an ebook reader ...
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Les demoiselles dynamiques

Les demoiselles dynamiques is an interactive installation that reenacts the image of one of the most symbolic paintings of cubism ...
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Just holes?

2011 dimensioni 35x45x7 cm Nel nostro contemporaneo, in cui sempre più spesso la fruizione, comunicazione e produzione di contenuti è ...
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Arnulf Rainer for digital performer

2010 Usually in music the musician performs a score written by others, and the aesthetic comes from their interpretation of ...
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2009 Riprendendo il modello e la logica di interazione degli Intonarumori, gli strumenti musicali futuristi inventati da Luigi Russolo, Intonarumorebianco ...
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[e-Book – ITA] Gabriele D’Annunzio – Alcyone

2008 “[e-Book – ITA] Gabriele D’Annunzio – Alcyone.txt” è un opera che tende ad essere una rappresentazione pura della materia ...
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Look at the artist

2007 Questo lavoro intende criticare le posizioni che relegano l’arte ad un concetto elitario, che sobbarcano questa semplice parola di ...
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