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Academic publications

Chierico, Alessio. “New media art e mercati dell’arte: Intervista con Christiane Paul.” In Intervista con la new media art. L’osservatorio Digicult tra arte, design e cultura digitale, edited by Marco Mancuso, 449–51. Eterotopie. Milano: Mimesis, 2020. ISBN 978-88-575-7326-7

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Chierico, Alessio. Interpretation, representation, material properties: three arguments about aesthetic qualities of computational media. In Clifford, Alison; Carvalhais, Miguel; Verdicchio, Mario (Eds.). xCoAx 2015: Proceedings of the Third Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X. Universidade do Porto, 2015. ISBN: 978-989-746-066-1

Chierico, Alessio. Unpainted Undrawn. Journal of Comparative Media Art. Issue 1, July 2015. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 2015 – http://cmajournal.ca/alessio-chierico/

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Chierico, Alessio. The iconoclasm of technological realism: the research behind “Unpainted Undrawn” and “Arnulf Rainer for digital performers”. In Estremo, Vincenzo; Bevilacqua, Davide; Bunn, Sam. Unmade Displays. Kunstuniversität Linz, 2015. ISBN: 978-3-901112-73-7

Chierico, Alessio. Techno indeterminism, the common line  between structural film and new media art. Digimag journal. Issue 74 / Winter 2013. ISBN: 978-1-291-38203-7 – more

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In 2010 curated the project “Interviewing new media art didactics”, published by FakePress in artsblog.ittoshare.itfrontieredigitali.itnoemalab.org.
From 2007 published essay in Digicult (www.digicult.it), Noemalab (www.noemalab.org), MyMedia (www.mymedia.it), and D’Ars (www.darsmagazine.it).