Mobile Cityscapes GPS tracking

Interctivos12 @ Science Gallery, Dublin Mobile Cityscapes ‘Mobile Cityscapes’ is an urban awareness experiment which attempts to ‘hack’ (crowdsource) subjective urban data: city dwellers’ experiences, emotions and meanings attached to spaces in the city they move through in their everyday lives. The experiment explores an approach to citizen participation in decision-making regarding city aspects that […]

Node Fest 2010

Curatorship, in collaboration with Giada Todaro, of Node Fest 2010. International and independent electronics art festival, held in Paris, Istanbul, and Rome. Participating artists: Ida Gerosa, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, Mattia Paco Rizzi, Giada Totaro, Alessio Chierico, IOCOSE, Emanuele Andreoli, Les Liens Invisible, Teatrino Elettrico, Ambhika Samsen, Beatrice Menniti, Chiara Dionigi, Maddalena Vantaggi, Gabriele […]

REWf contest

5th place for the contest REWf (Rome Europa Web factory) in 2010. Participating with the videos: “creazioni condivise” and “La tua idea può prendere vita” done in collaboration with Aymen Yahia Creazioni condivise La tua idea può prendere vita