Participation for The Undivided Mind conference, Plymouth, UK, July 2015

The Undivided Mind conference. Presentation. Jill Cragie Cinema, Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK, July 2015. Presented the topic:  “Trāṭaka: a case of study on seamless interaction with BCI”


Conference info:

The Sciences and the Arts have often created intellectual divisions in the way we represent sensing, thinking and action in order to understand the world and our relationship with it.

Distinctions have often been made between brain/mind, sensing/thinking, thought/action and internal/external. Sensory and perceptual information is often inherently ambiguous, the drawing in of information a series of processes to minimise misinterpretations from the environment.

This symposium seeks to interrogate these divisions and the reasons for the existence of the divisions and considers what might be found at the boundaries, the extensities of sensation between these created divided entities, both physical and imagined.


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