Emerging Aura

Emerging Aura is a video installation that reflects on differences in the visual representation depicted by diverse digital devices.

Emerging Aura is a project composed by a sequence of 69 photos of a same subject (a monitor), taken from a fixed position by 69 different models of devices (cameras, video cameras, web cams, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. …). These pictures were cropped and scaled in order to be perfectly overlapped in a same size. The installation consists in a projection of the running sequence of the pictures, mapped and overlapped on the monitor that is represented in the pictures themselves.

The aim of Emerging Aura is to show the fiction of the visual representation, comparing pictures of a same subject taken in same conditions, from different devices. This work come from a process in which a subject is represented on the physicality of the subject itself. The virtual presence of the image and the physical presence of the object are here overlapped, attempting to shorten their distance.

As the name suggests, this project recall the Walter Benjamin’s concept of aura, but in a slightly different sense. In this context, aura is intended as value of the uniqueness of every medium due to its technical, so representative, qualities.

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